Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Northern Peninsula 2 District, Western Cape Region


Preaching Seminar

The Preaching Seminar was organized for all the elders of the district and other interested individuals who wanted to attend.

The event was hosted by the NP2 PLC District at the Melkbos Oppiesee Cultural Centre from Friday 12 May 2017 until Sunday 14 May 2017. The purpose/objective was to provide attendees the required skills and techniques to effectively prepare and deliver a sermon. Prof Calvin W Plaatjes, a lecturer at the Helderberg College in Somerset West, was the speaker and presenter for the weekend.

Seminar Material and Photos

Report and Personal Testimony/Observation

by Alledon Nieuwenhoudt (attendee)

"Someone once gave the advice that in order to have a good sermon you just need to write a good introduction and a good ending and keep the two as close together as possible. If only it was so easy.

Forty People attended the Northern Peninsula 2 District Preaching Seminar and we came with our own expectations – but it is safe to say that our experience this weekend outweighed our expectations. Our group was well balanced and included seasoned and matured Church Leaders and Elders as well as members who came to know Adventism as recently as 3-5 years ago. Our youngest attendees were 12 and 13 years old and they enjoyed the beach that was literally a stone drop away. All of us had a passion to be used by Christ and to be equipped.

Pastor / Professor Calvin Plaatjies reminds me a lot of my Dad!! On the outside, their appearance seems to be hard and “kwaai”(soos ons in die Kleurling-taal sou sê - or stern in proper English) but when you get to know them they are fun to be around with a great sense of humor. He managed to convince me that there is a tried and tested way to prepare a Biblical and Divinely inspired sermon - extraction ladders, predicates, inductive and deductive thinking and pericopes are all important to the Introduction, Body and Conclusion of any sermon. But the weekend’s buzz word was “pericopes” – not periscopes. So do not be surprised when you hear this word from those who attended this seminar.

The team that prepared the meals did a splendid job in preparing tasty and wholesome meals. Thanks to Br. Chris and Wendy Pieterse and their friend Laetitia Nieuwenhoudt (who just happens to be my wife) for your efforts in the kitchen and to help make our experience even more enjoyable.

So now as we go back into God’s Vineyard and our various churches, we can do so in confidence knowing that God equips those He calls. We can now “Preach the word (and) be prepared in season and out of season; (to) correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.” 2 Timothy 4:2."